FearGate is fast, easy to use multiprotocol proxy server and port mapper for Windows.

Proxy server supports SOCKS5, SOCKS4 and HTTPS protocols with authentication, port mapper allows to use TCP and UDP, supporting both IPv4 and IPv6.

FearGate can be used for any type of network traffic redirection to any location in the world. Filtering is allowed per IP and port basis using built in access restriction manager with actions. Traffic monitor is available for each server. The number of running servers is unlimited as long your resources can handle.

Get a free demo on our download page, see screenshots and version history. The demo version limited to 30 minutes of uptime.

We have seen alot of similar softwares for Linux, but hardly a few for Windows. Please follow our FAQ page to find out how to purchase an unlimited version.

Your feature requests and bug reports are welcome at any time. Have fun networking with FearGate.